Make it Legal Ceremony


Civil Ceremony, legal Ceremony

$125 to $150 

Depending on Location State requirements for legal marriage with a little extra Love-

Sacred Ceremony in Chesterfield Provides services at your location- Sacred Ceremony in Warren, Troy, Sterling Heights, Utica, Fraser, Roseville, Macomb, Port Huron St. Clair-

Full Ceremony




Based on your preferences, I will offer you a selection of pre-written, "as is" ceremonies to choose from- Each ceremony is personalized and you may include your own vows-


$300 - $350

I will offer you options for each element of the ceremony from which to choose, Together we will create your perfect ceremony-





Rehearsals: While I am not always needed at your rehearsal, If you wish me to attend I will accommodate your rehearsal Mon-Thurs only- Rehearsal charge is 50$ and any additional mileage assessed-

Other Services


Spiritual Counseling

Available to individuals, Couples and Organizations'- 

This is beneficial for anyone wishing to create stronger bonds and better understanding with spouses, employees or community- All counseling is self directed, focusing on areas of issue and interest- Per Person


Baby Blessings
Blessings are officiated based on availability- 

A Love Offering based on what value the ceremony has for you is accepted-